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About Nate...

He’s argued for an economic agenda that will benefit middle class Iowans raising families here, rather than the Branstad-Reynolds plan that just gives subsidies to big corporations.

In addition to his work in the State Senate and as an attorney, Nate has taught courses as an adjunct professor at Drake Law School, Simpson College, and William Penn University.

He is a member of the American Federation of Teachers, Iowa Association for Justice and the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee. And somehow, he’s found the time to run 36 marathons.

Nate Boulton grew up in the small Iowa town of Columbus Junction, in a proud union family.

A product of Iowa public schools, and then Simpson College and Drake Law school, Nate lives with his wife Andrea in Des Moines, representing the east side in the State Senate. His district includes the State Fairgrounds and the State Capitol.

As an attorney, Nate has spent his career standing up to powerful interests, from big corporations to the Branstad-Reynolds Administration itself. Nate has represented women facing discrimination, injured workers, and the mentally disabled.

On behalf of public employees, Nate has taken on the Branstad-Reynolds Administration in court when they've shut down mental health institutes, a facility for at-risk adolescent girls, and workforce centers for unemployed Iowans--and scored major legal victories for Iowa's Constitution along the way.

As a legislator, Nate led the opposition when Republicans wanted to dismantle the rights and quality of life for Iowa workers – from public safety officers to local teachers.

Nate has focused on economic opportunity in rural Iowa and adequate funding for rural schools like his own alma mater.

For seven years in a row, the Branstad and Reynolds plan has underfunded education. That’s the entire lifespan of an elementary student's schooling. Iowa can be a world-class leader in education again if we prioritize consistent funding for education at all levels - from universal pre-K to higher education in our community colleges, small colleges, and public universities. As Governor, Nate will champion education issues so that school districts, community colleges and public universities can thrive instead of struggling to make ends meet and competing against each other for funds. Additionally, when it comes to restoring our public schools to world class status, we must resist efforts that would take funds out of our public schools to support private and home school voucher or savings account schemes. 


In addition to under-funding education year after year, the Branstad-Reynolds agenda has made it harder for Iowa to recruit and retain world-class teachers. During the last legislative session, Republicans gutted teachers' rights to bargain for better base wages, earn raises, and receive the benefits they deserve for serving as leaders in building the future for our local communities. As Governor, Nate will ensure Iowa once again values the profession of teaching by fighting to restore teachers' rights and ensure we have the best and brightest teaching our children.

In Iowa, we’ve always taken pride in our high quality of life across the state, from small towns like Columbus Junction (Nate’s hometown), to communities like Pleasant Hill and East Des Moines (Nate’s Senate District) . The Reynolds plan has only been to degrade this quality of life by attacking those who answer the call of public service to keep us safe and secure and undermine the systems that support the health of Iowans. As Governor, Nate will fight to sustain and improve our quality of life no matter what zip code you live in.


Climate change is real, caused by human activity, and a critical problem that also provides our state with an incredible economic opportunity. It’s time for Republicans to start addressing the reality of climate change, and securing Iowa’s economic future, by investing in renewable fuels and protecting Iowa’s natural resources. Nate will work to produce 50% of Iowa’s energy from renewable fuels by 2025, clean up our Iowa waterways and protect our natural resources.

What We Stand For

When Branstad and Reynolds were first elected, they promised 200,000 new jobs and a 25% increase in household incomes across the state, but Iowans have been left waiting to see results. As Governor, Nate would work with local communities to build a stronger economy that supports all Iowans - an economy we can all be proud of. 

Safe and Secure Communities

Economic Improvement & Increasing Earnings


As Governor, Nate would reinstate a state-run managed system that prioritizes Iowa’s most vulnerable, instead of corporate profits. The Branstad Reynolds administration has failed Iowans and providers alike by handing over the care of 1 in 6 Iowans to a few private managed care companies, who now must be bailed out with taxpayer money to make a profit. 


Mental Health

As Governor, Nate will reestablish the critical services lost by the closure of two state mental health facilities that the Branstad Reynolds administration shut down in 2015, and invest in actually increasing access and services in Iowa’s mental health system again. Nate is the only candidate who fought against the closures of state facilities in Mt. Pleasant and Clarinda and then drafted legislation that would have required them to be reopened. The mentally ill in our communities too often end up in our correctional system because there is no where else for them to go. This is inhumane, immoral, and incredibly expensive over the long term for our state. This situation must be remedied.


Public Safety

Iowa’s public servants, including police officers, firefighters and DHS field staff are the bedrock of building Iowa’s safe and secure communities. Under what we have seen from the leadership of Governor Reynolds, their funding has been cut, their rights to better wages and benefits rolled back, and even their very safety put at risk from reduced staffing levels. If we are going to have safe and secure communities we must once again give our public servants the resources they need to be successful.

Protecting Natural Resources and 

Addressing Climate Change

Livable Wage

As Governor, Nate would fight for a minimum wage of $15 an hour, indexed to inflation, to keep up with our growing economy. Rather than lagging behind five of our six neighboring states, Iowa must become a leader on developing a stronger workforce and creating a livable wage. As Governor Nate would fight for a $15 minimum wage by 2024 in addition to the efforts he has already undertaken to press for an immediate increase to $10.75 by 2019.


During the last legislative session, Republicans actually lowered the minimum wage for thousands of Iowans by revoking local control in our counties. Nate has and will continue to fight for a livable wage, indexed to inflation, as the minimum wage to end the annual fights to raise the minimum wage.


Skilled and Productive Workforce

We need a long term plan to grow Iowa’s economy for the next generation. For the last seven years, the the Branstad Reynolds' administration has lowered Iowa from an economy driven by a reliable and productive workforce into a coupon economy. The Reynolds plan is to continue the coupon economics, where Iowa only uses short-term planning and attracts low-paying, low-skilled jobs by being the lowest bidder. As Governor, Nate will reevaluate the $600 million (and growing) in tax credits and giveaways that have ruined our state’s budget and actually hurt our economy for the long term. He will prioritize investing in a world-class education system and creating the most skilled and productive work force in the world again, so companies who value the opportunities presented by and increasing quality of life in Iowa will come to be a part of our state--and stay invested in it’s success. 

Worker’s Rights

During the last legislative session, we saw nothing but an agenda that held back and took away from working Iowans. Whether Branstad and Reynolds were gutting collective bargaining, limiting funding for asbestos victims, or dismantling the worker’s compensation system for those who are injured doing the everyday work that makes our economy function, Republicans disrespected and disadvantaged working Iowans. As Governor, Nate will issue an executive order allowing the state to bargain with Iowa’s public servants on all permissive topics and fight for greater workplace safety for our road workers, correctional officers, firefighters and all the workers called to public service.

50 by 25

Iowa is already a global leader in wind and solar energy and, as Governor, Nate will invest in renewable resources. He has committed to creating 50% of Iowa’s energy from renewable energy by 2025. As Senator, he has sponsored legislation to ensure Iowa remains a solar energy leader. By building wind turbines and solar panels in Iowa and continuing research into new technologies, our state can continue to be a leader in renewable fuels and energy production while also creating skilled jobs expansion for our state.

Water Quality and Conservation

As Governor, Nate will work with the legislature to fully fund the land and water trust fund that Iowans approved by an overwhelming majority at the ballot box in 2011. In the 2017 legislative session, Nate introduced the bill to do just that. Funding the trust would create a sustainable funding source to begin cleaning up Iowa’s waterways through buffer zones and other conservation practices. These efforts would not only lead to safer drinking water, but increase wildlife habitat and expand natural resource tourism in our state. Nate’s wife, Andrea, works for a conservation non-profit to help expand our state’s network of hiking, biking, and water trails. Increasing recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and biking can be a major part of expanding tourism and promoting a better quality of life for Iowans.

Elected Official and Activist Endorsements

Legislative Endorsements

  • Iowa United Steelworkers
  • Central Iowa Building Trades
  • Des Moines Peace Officers for Good Government
  • Des Moines Professional Firefighters Local 4
  • Laborers Local 177
  • Operating Engineers Local 234
  • Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33
  • Communication Workers of America Local 7102
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 45
  • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 3
  • District Council 81 of Painters and Allied Trades
  • Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers
  • Iron Workers Local 67
  • Laborers Local 620
  • Laborers Local 1120
  • AFSCME Local 1868 (Polk County Employees)
  • Great Plains Laborers’ District Council


Labor Endorsements

  • Bert Permar, Marshall County
  • Bob Burns, Warren County
  • Kim Burns, Warren County
  • Bob Meddaugh, Polk County
  • Brent Hinders, Warren County
  • Former State Senator Brian Schoenjahn, Fayette County
  • Brittan Ostby, Henry County
  • Carmen Lawrence, Louisa County
  • Caroline Closson, Polk County
  • Chad Banks, Cerro Gordo County
  • Chris Ajluni, Polk County
  • Cindy Pollard, Jasper County
  • Gayla Snook, Jasper County
  • Dan Garza, Polk County
  • Deb Copeland, Polk County
  • Dianne Kamp, Linn County
  • School Board Member Dionna Langford, Polk County
  • Don Foor, Louisa County
  • Edgar Ortiz, Polk County
  • EJ Gallagher, Black Hawk County
  • Emily Holley, Polk County
  • Gary Mortimer, Lee County
  • Helane Golden, Linn County
  • Jason Lewis, Guthrie County
  • Jen Smith, Crawford County
  • Brian Smith, Crawford County
  • Webster County Attorney Jennifer Benson
  • Jerry Hageman, Black Hawk County
  • Jessica Zupp, Crawford County
  • John Campbell, Polk County
  • John Deeth, Johnson County
  • Kyle McGlade, Pottawattamie County
  • Senator Tony Bisignano
  • Senator Joe Bolkcom
  • Senator Tod Bowman
  • Senator Bill Dotzler
  • Senator Pam Jochum
  • Representative Jerry Kearns
  • Senator Kevin Kinney
  • Senator Liz Mathis
  • Representative Amy Nielsen
  • Representative Rick Olson
  • Senator Janet Petersen
  • Senator Herman Quirmbach
  • Representative Art Staed
  • Senator Rich Taylor

  • Linda Klein, Polk County
  • Logun Buckley, Black Hawk County
  • Marge Ramsey, Polk County
  • Mark Ackelson, Polk County
  • Mark Fallis, Polk County
  • Matt Storm, Muscatine County
  • Mayor Peggy Sherretts, Fayette County
  • Melinda Jones, Wapello County
  • Mike Draper, Owner and Founder of RayGun, Polk County
  • Mike Lorentzen, Cerro Gordo County
  • Miyoko Hikiji, Polk County
  • School Board Member Natasha Newcomb, Polk County
  • Niki Conrad, Webster County
  • Peter Clay, Polk County
  • Rev. Ken Briggs, Polk County
  • Sara Riley, Linn County
  • Sara Sedlacek, Muscatine County
  • City Councilor Sondra Burnell, Poweshiek County
  • Steve Gorman, Pottawattamie County
  • Former State Senator Steve Sodders, Marshall County
  • Sue Whickam, Polk County
  • Suzette Jensen, Polk County
  • Tanner Halleran, Keokuk County
  • Tim Bottaro, Woodbury County
  • Former State Senator Tom Courtney, Des Moines County
  • Tyler Coe, Polk County
  • Tyler Granger, Polk County
  • Vicki Pilcher, Buchanan County
  • Virginia Rowen, Polk County
  • Penny Logsdon, Lee County
  • Black Hawk County Attorney Brian Williams

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