IAJ’s Justice For All PAC Endorses Boulton

October 10, 2017


Des Moines, IA – The Justice For All PAC of the Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) announces its endorsement of State Senator Nate Boulton in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. The Justice For All PAC is one of Iowa’s largest political action committees. It focuses entirely on state legislative and gubernatorial races.

“This race has no shortage of great candidates, but Senator Nate Boulton is in a league of his own. No one will more forcefully protect and expand the legal and constitutional rights and freedoms of all Iowans. Boulton has the full confidence and enthusiastic support of the Association’s Justice For All PAC,” said Brad Lint, the Executive Director of the Iowa Association of Justice. “Boulton’s leadership, energy, and command of public policy are second to none. As a proud trial attorney, Nate Boulton will always be on the side of justice for the people and accountability for the powerful, it’s what he’s fought for his entire life.”

Senator Nate Boulton is a longtime member of the Iowa Association for Justice, serving in multiple leadership positions over the years. He made the following statement in reaction to the endorsement:

“Iowa’s legal system and many of the basic protections that so many Iowans depend upon were under attack during this last legislative session,” said Senator Nate Boulton. “I am proud to have the support of the IAJ Justice For All PAC and look forward to working with them to ensure all Iowans are protected by the fair and impartial civil and criminal justice system our Iowa Constitution demands.”

The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) is an organization of approximately 700 Iowa attorneys who fight for justice in courtrooms and communities across the state. The Association serves the legal profession and the public through its efforts to strengthen our justice systems, promote injury prevention, and foster the transparency of information critical to the health and safety of all Iowans.