Economic Improvement and Increasing Earnings

When Branstad and Reynolds were first elected, they promised 200,000 new jobs and a 25% increase in household incomes across the state, but Iowans have been left waiting to see results. As Governor, Nate would work with local communities to build a stronger economy that supports all Iowans – an economy we can all be proud of.

Livable Wage

As Governor, Nate would fight for a minimum wage of $15 an hour, indexed to inflation, to keep up with our growing economy. Rather than lagging behind five of our six neighboring states, Iowa must become a leader on developing a stronger workforce and creating a livable wage. As Governor Nate would fight for a $15 minimum wage by 2024 in addition to the efforts he has already undertaken to press for an immediate increase to $10.75 by 2019.

During the last legislative session, Republicans actually lowered the minimum wage for thousands of Iowans by revoking local control in our counties. Nate has and will continue to fight for a livable wage, indexed to inflation, as the minimum wage to end the annual fights to raise the minimum wage.

Skilled and Productive Workforce

We need a long term plan to grow Iowa’s economy for the next generation. For the last seven years, the the Branstad Reynolds’ administration has lowered Iowa from an economy driven by a reliable and productive workforce into a coupon economy. The Reynolds plan is to continue the coupon economics, where Iowa only uses short-term planning and attracts low-paying, low-skilled jobs by being the lowest bidder. As Governor, Nate will reevaluate the $600 million (and growing) in tax credits and giveaways that have ruined our state’s budget and actually hurt our economy for the long term. He will prioritize investing in a world-class education system and creating the most skilled and productive work force in the world again, so companies who value the opportunities presented by and increasing quality of life in Iowa will come to be a part of our state–and stay invested in it’s success.

Worker’s Rights

During the last legislative session, we saw nothing but an agenda that held back and took away from working Iowans. Whether Branstad and Reynolds were gutting collective bargaining, limiting funding for asbestos victims, or dismantling the worker’s compensation system for those who are injured doing the everyday work that makes our economy function, Republicans disrespected and disadvantaged working Iowans. As Governor, Nate will issue an executive order allowing the state to bargain with Iowa’s public servants on all permissive topics and fight for greater workplace safety for our road workers, correctional officers, firefighters and all the workers called to public service.

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