For seven years in a row, the Branstad and Reynolds plan has underfunded education. That’s the entire lifespan of an elementary student’s schooling. Iowa can be a world-class leader in education again if we prioritize consistent funding for education at all levels – from universal pre-K to higher education in our community colleges, small colleges, and public universities. As Governor, Nate will champion education issues so that school districts, community colleges and public universities can thrive instead of struggling to make ends meet and competing against each other for funds.

In addition to under-funding education year after year, the Branstad-Reynolds agenda has made it harder for Iowa to recruit and retain world-class teachers. During the last legislative session, Republicans gutted teachers’ rights to bargain for better base wages, earn raises, and receive the benefits they deserve for serving as leaders in building the future for our local communities. As Governor, Nate will ensure Iowa once again values the profession of teaching by fighting to restore teachers’ rights and ensure we have the best and brightest teaching our children.

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