Safe and Secure Communities

In Iowa, we’ve always taken pride in our high quality of life across the state, from small towns like Columbus Junction (Nate’s hometown), to communities like Pleasant Hill and East Des Moines (Nate’s Senate District) . The Reynolds plan has only been to degrade this quality of life by attacking those who answer the call of public service to keep us safe and secure and undermine the systems that support the health of Iowans. As Governor, Nate will fight to sustain and improve our quality of life no matter what zip code you live in.


As Governor, Nate would reinstate a state-run managed system that prioritizes Iowa’s most vulnerable, instead of corporate profits. The Branstad Reynolds administration has failed Iowans and providers alike by handing over the care of 1 in 6 Iowans to a few private managed care companies, who now must be bailed out with taxpayer money to make a profit.

Mental Health

As Governor, Nate will reestablish the critical services lost by the closure of two state mental health facilities that the Branstad Reynolds administration shut down in 2015, and invest in actually increasing access and services in Iowa’s mental health system again. The mentally ill in our communities too often end up in our correctional system because there is no where else for them to go. This is inhumane, immoral, and incredibly expensive over the long term for our state. This situation must be remedied.

Public Safety

Iowa’s public servants, including police officers, firefighters and DHS field staff are the bedrock of building Iowa’s safe and secure communities. Under what we have seen from the leadership of Governor Reynolds, their funding has been cut, their rights to better wages and benefits rolled back, and even their very safety put at risk from reduced staffing levels. If we are going to have safe and secure communities we must once again give our public servants the resources they need to be successful.

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