10 Reasons to Caucus for Nate

#10. Nate is backed by the labor movement, representing over 100,000 union members in Iowa.

More than 30 labor unions have endorsed Nate in his campaign for governor, representing over 100,000 Iowans. Nate has always been a champion for working families – he grew up in a proud union household and went on to be a worker’s rights attorney. He was a leader in the Iowa Senate in 2017, fighting back against the destructive Republican legislation that gutted collective bargaining laws and stripped Iowans of many workers’ compensation benefits. As Governor, Nate would reinstate and further expand collective bargaining rights and protect Iowans who put their bodies on the line for Iowa’s future.


#9. Nate was the first candidate to visit all 99 Iowa counties.

Nate grew up in Columbus Junction, a small town in southeast Iowa, where most of his family still lives, and represents an urban district in the Iowa Senate, so he understands the concerns of both urban and rural Iowa. Having lived in a county where Democrats haven’t always felt heard by their own party, visiting all 99 Iowa counties and making sure every Iowan’s voice is heard was important to Nate. His family in rural Iowa and his constituents from urban Iowa hold the same Iowa values, and those values are what Iowa needs to get back to.


#8. Nate will re-prioritize budget dollars and scale back the 8.5% of Iowa’s budget that now goes towards corporate handouts.

Nate has criticized Governor Reynolds on the budget since her inauguration day, and hasn’t let up. Under Gov. Reynolds, almost $600 million dollars of Iowa’s budget goes toward corporate tax exemptions, credits, and giveaways, often with no guarantee of a return on investment through job creation or community investment. Nate will invest budget dollars into programs that will enhance the quality of life for all Iowans, including main street grants, meaningful water quality programs, and education funding.


#7. Nate will break the streak of 7 years underfunding Iowa schools.

Iowa Republicans have failed to fund public schools at a reasonable rate for seven years in a row, leaving school districts scrambling and teachers without school supplies for their students. As a product of Iowa public schools, then Simpson College and Drake Law School, Nate knows the importance of investing in Iowa’s education system. That begins with expanding preschool to four-year-olds, as he proposed in SF354, investing in K-12 programs, and ensuring vocational schools, training programs, community colleges, and private and public universities are ALL supported, so Iowa can grow the strong productive workforce that employers want to see.


#6. Nate will end privatized Medicaid, returning healthcare stability back to the lives of nearly 600,000 Iowans.

The day Governor Reynolds was inaugurated, Nate encouraged her to reverse the privatized Medicaid scheme that Gov. Branstad unilaterally dictated. Since then, providers have dropped out of the system, delays in services have caused the death of multiple Iowans, and Gov. Reynolds has recommitted Iowans to the failing system at every turn. Nate has continued to advocate for a return to the state-managed program before it becomes too late to do so, even cosponsoring SF2058 to end privatized Medicaid within the year.


#5 Nate will work to produce 50% of Iowa’s energy from renewable fuels by 2025, clean up our Iowa waterways, and protect our natural resources.

Nate is committed to investing in renewable energy like wind and solar power, and cleaning up Iowa’s waterways using a watershed approach with accountability measures. He listened to Iowans and has already introduced SF167 to fund the Water and Land Legacy Trust Fund which over 70% of Iowans support. His wife, Andrea, is the Trails Coordinator for the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and she and Nate are avid outdoor recreationalists. Cleaning up Iowa’s waterways and preserving public lands are essential to promote environmental tourism, and Nate will continue to advocate for meaningful legislation.

#4.  Nate will invest in health care by ensuring Iowa has 4 mental health institutes and expanded community-based mental health access, and funding Planned Parenthood to reopen the 4 clinics shut down last year.

When Branstad and Reynolds shut down the Clarinda and Mount Pleasant mental health institutes, Nate, on behalf of public employees, stood up to the Governor in court and fought for the employees and patients of the institutes, then introduced SF295 in the Senate in 2017 to require that four mental health institutes – including the facilities in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant – serve the state of Iowa. When Republicans introduced a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in the Iowa Senate, Nate was a leader during the debate, advocating for the thousands of women who receive their health care from the Planned Parenthood clinics around the state. As Governor. Nate’s advocacy for Iowans’ health care will not stop.


#3. Nate will fight to maintain IPERS which serves 350,000 Iowans.

In 2017, Nate was one of the first legislators to proactively advocate for the protection of IPERS as Republicans began to scheme about changing the system. He hasn’t stopped that advocacy since, calling out the Republicans when they brought in an “independent” think tank to review the system. Nate has gone even further and introduced legislation to expand retirement savings opportunities for small business employees (SF2088) and to provide benefits to independent contractors and workers in “gig” jobs in Iowa (SF2087). Nate believes in lifting Iowans up instead of tearing them down to achieve equality.

#2. Nate will reverse the last 2 years of fiscal irresponsibility and renew Iowa’s commitment to sound budgeting practices.

Governor Reynolds and the Republicans have mismanaged Iowa’s budget, raiding rainy day funds when the sun is out and having to make mid-year budget cuts twice. As a member of the Iowa Senate Appropriations Committee, Nate has clashed with Gov. Reynolds on the budget multiple times and stands ready to end the short-sighted plans played out over the past two years by investing in the future of our state and restoring fiscal responsibility to the office of governor.


#1. Nate’s the ONE candidate who can beat Governor Reynolds in November.

Nate has the experience, passion, energy and support to win the Democratic Primary and the general in November against Kim Reynolds. With the support of over 30 labor organizations, 23 sitting legislators, 5 former legislators, the Asian and Latino Coalition, donations from over 2,100 Iowans, and over 17,000 Iowans committed to #RunWithNate, the Boulton for Iowa campaign is organized with the resources to run an effective, aggressive campaign to win back the fight for the soul of our state!

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