Press Release: Boulton Supporters Turn Out in Droves at Off-Season Caucus

For Immediate Release:
February 5, 2018


Boulton Supporters Turn Out in Droves at Off-Season Caucus
Thousands of supporters elected as county delegates and to party leadership positions

Des Moines, IA-In precincts across the state, supporters of Nate Boulton braved the snow to participate in the Iowa caucuses. From Woodbury County to Des Moines County, thousands of Boulton supporters were elected to be county delegates and fill important party leadership positions. These Iowans will help support the over 700 Democrats already signed up to run as state convention delegates in support of Nate. For over nine months, Team Boulton has been organizing supporters to get involved in the Iowa Democratic Party through events, party meetings, and now the caucuses, because turning Iowa around and electing Democrats up and down the ticket will take a strong party structure.

“I want to thank the thousands of Iowa Democrats who braved the weather tonight to support Iowa Democrats and our campaign for governor,” said Nate Boulton. “I also want to thank the thousands of volunteers and Iowa Democratic Party for organizing a successful caucus night. Though the obstacles may have been great, people from across the state showed they are ready to stand up, fight back, and push forward for a better Iowa.”

The Boulton campaign’s strong statewide organizing effort and the organic enthusiasm from it’s supporters was highlighted tonight, as it has been at major events in the last nine months, including the Iowa Democratic Party’s Fall Gala where over a thousand Boulton supporters marched into the event. Even during a snowstorm, Iowa Democrats saw a record turnout for a non-presidential caucus tonight, so it is clear that, headed into the 2018 election, Iowa Democrats are motivated, organized to advocate for change, and ready to turn out at the polls for a new generation of leadership.