Press Release: Boulton’s Statement on Reynolds Signing the Heartbeat Bill

For Immediate Release:
Friday, May 04

Boulton’s Statement on Reynolds Signing the Heartbeat Bill

Des Moines, IA – State Senator Nate Boulton, Democratic candidate for governor, made the following statement in response to Gov. Reynolds signing the heartbeat bill.

“Governor Reynolds and the Republican legislature are wasting Iowans’ time and taxpayer dollars by passing the most restrictive abortion bill in the country,” Sen. Boulton said. “This bill is unconstitutional and will immediately be challenged in court. Iowa women and their doctors ought to be trusted to make their own decisions and do so with the full constitutional expectation of privacy. We need to be doing things in our state to encourage people to come to and stay in Iowa, and this type of extreme legislation will surely make people think twice before moving here.”

“Governor Reynolds said that ‘this is about life,’ but if she truly valued all life, she would fix the Medicaid mess, invest in real mental health improvements, allow each child to reach his or her full potential with the best schools in the nation, and address the declining quality of life in rural Iowa this administration has hastened,” said Boulton.