Climate change is real, caused by human activity, and a critical problem that also provides our state with an incredible economic opportunity. It’s time for Republicans to start addressing the reality of climate change, and securing Iowa’s economic future, by investing in renewable fuels and protecting Iowa’s natural resources. Nate will work to produce 50% of Iowa’s energy from renewable fuels by 2025, clean up our Iowa waterways and protect our natural resources.


50 by 25

Iowa is already a global leader in wind and solar energy and, as Governor, Nate would invest in renewable resources. He has committed to creating 50% of Iowa’s energy from renewable energy by 2025. Nate sponsored SF97 to ensure Iowa remains a solar energy leader. By building wind turbines and solar panels in Iowa and continuing research into new technologies, our state can continue to be a leader in renewable fuels and energy production while also creating skilled jobs expansion for our state.


Water Quality

Republicans have failed to invest in meaningful water quality solutions with accountability measures and a watershed approach. As Governor, Nate would work with the legislature to fully fund the land and water trust fund that Iowans approved by an overwhelming majority at the ballot box in 2010. In the 2017 legislative session, Nate introduced SF 167 to do just that. Funding the trust would create a sustainable funding source to begin cleaning up Iowa’s waterways through buffer zones and other conservation practices. These efforts would not only lead to safer drinking water, but increase wildlife habitat and expand natural resource tourism in our state. Nate’s wife, Andrea, works for a conservation non-profit to help expand our state’s network of hiking, biking, and water trails. Increasing recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and biking can be a major part of expanding tourism and promoting a better quality of life for Iowans. 

Nate also supports strengthening the master matrix and has always fought for local control so neighbors have a say in their communities, even standing up to Republicans when they attacked nuisance lawsuits.