Health Care

Health care is a human right, not a privilege, and the Reynolds administration has put the health care of thousands of Iowans in jeopardy by privatizing medicaid, defunding Planned Parenthood, ignoring the mental health crisis, and limiting access to reasonable treatments. The privatized Medicaid system that Governor Branstad began is failing patients and providers alike, but Governor Reynolds refuses to admit the change was a mistake. Services are being denied, payments have been delayed and patients have been left waiting for treatment while deteriorating in health. Nate was a co-sponsor on SF 2058 which would terminate the managed care organizations contracts and end privatized Medicaid. He also co-sponsored SF 2112 to expand HAWK-I, Iowa’s children’s health insurance program, so more children in Iowa could be covered by health insurance.


Planned Parenthood

When Republicans introduced the bill to defund Planned Parenthood in 2017, Nate was a leader in the debate, fighting to sustain the funding for essential reproductive health care for Iowa women. Since the bill’s passage, four Planned Parenthood clinics have closed in Iowa with no replacement like Republicans promised. Nate will fight to bring funding back to Planned Parenthood in Iowa as Governor.


Mental Health

Nate will also continue to advocate for mental health care in Iowa, as he has been doing for many years. When the Branstad administration shut down the mental health institutes in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant, Nate took the administration on all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court to fight for the patients who were displaced and the professionals who lost their jobs. He continued that advocacy in the legislature by introducing SF 295 which would reopen the facilities in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant. While reopening these facilities is important to take some stress of the entire system, Nate also believes in supporting and investing in community-based mental health care, making care more accessible for Iowans in every county. Nate has co-sponsored SF 2055, to ensure that integrated health homes are suitable for Medicaid recipients living with mental illness.


Nate has also introduced the Medical Cannabis Act, SF 205, to allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis, rather than addictive opioids, which are killing hundreds of Iowans every year as more and more individuals become addicted to narcotic pain medications.